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Trabzon is a very old settlement. Their first residents are the Tibarenes and Elizons of Turanian Turks from Central Asia. Trabzon was outside the boundaries of the Hittite Empire. The Ionian came to Trabzon from Sinop and took Trabzon from the hands of Tibarenes connected with the Turkish Turanian and established a busy trade center and port in the Black Sea. B.C. In the 6th century Persians took over this area. Macedonian King Alexander defeated Iran (Persia) and added all of Anatolia and Iran to his kingdom, but he could not capture Trabzon. After the death of Macedonian King Alexander, he was divided among the commanders of the empire. At that time, the Kingdom of Pontus was established in Trabzon, which included the Northern Black Sea and the Crimea.

The kingdom of Pontus was a kingdom ruled by Persian-speaking kings who spoke Greek and melted in Greek culture. B.C. Established in 750 years, this kingdom weakened civil wars. The Roman Empire also sent a large army at the command of three commanders, Seledat, Luka and Lumbos, to these wars, which were fought under the name Mitridates. These commanders suppressed the confusion and then occupied this kingdom and moved to Rome. Roman Empire M.S. 395'de divided into two in Trabzon, such as Anatolia, East Rome (Byzantine) 's share fell. A.D. Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century and Justinianus in the 6th century built the city and port of Trabzon and built aqueducts. During the Byzantine period, the Islamic armies came to Trabzon to conquer, but they could not take Trabzon. Trabzon could not be found in Sasani and Turkish raids during the Byzantine period.