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According to known written documents BC With the arrival of the Phrygians in 1200, the city of Sapanca, which is called as a settlement, It was founded in 378 BC by the Kingdom of Bitaina. Most of them were named Buanes, Sofhan and Sofhange during the Roman Empire period.

With the arrival of the Anatolian Seljuks in Sapanca and its environs in 1075, the region began to be called Ayan and Ayanköy. After the Crusades, the region was once again in the Byzantines. Evliya Çelebi, who passed through the town in 1640 while going to Erzurum seyyahat, gives the following information about the town:

"Once a well-known old man cleans up the forests and stables there, a village is founded in the name of Sabanc─▒ Hoca, and as time went by, the town became a town in the time of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent.