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There are no historical ruins in this area, but the research shows that the lake is part of it; Abant dates back to the Hittites in 5000 BC - 3000 BC. After this period, all the communities that lived in Anatolia are living here. Finally, Caucasian immigrants come in the 19th century.

According to today's information, the first people in the region were the Hittites. In history, many communities from Lydians to Persians ruled and even the famous Macedonian King Alexander the Great ruled the region in 336 BC. After the death of Iskender, the region passed through the Romans. Ardin was also the last Ottoman ruler.

Abant Lake and its surroundings, which are about the myths, were included in National Parks in 1988 and this area was taken under the protection of Abant Lake National Park.