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Bursa and its environs from the heavenly corners of Anatolia became the scene of settlements since ancient times. It has emerged in the excavations of Ilıpınar Höyüğü that the civilizations created by the old settlements in the region went to 7000 years ago. As a result of excavations in the mound, BC. A settlement area descending down to 5200 years ago was found.

7 km from Bursa. North of Demirtaş province. South, 90 m. "Demirtaş Höyüğü", which is 5 meters high, is located. In this höyük there are usually hand, small amount of pottery, pottery and pottery made from the wheel. These are early bronze remnants of the BC. It is dated to 2500 years.

The size of Çayırköy Höyüğü is 14 km west of the city and 1 km southwest of Çayırköyü. Dimensions are the same as Demirtaş Höyükü. The ceramic pieces found here are dominated by gray, red, brown and black colors. Significant parts of the ceramics found were made in hand, very few were made in the wheel. The oldest find of the mound was found in the. It belongs to the year 2700.