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It is not in vain that Homer's said that he was the 'Country of eternal blues' and that another Cevat Shakir of Bodrum was 'living in the light here in another place and in the light'. Throughout history, the former name of Halikarnassos, then Bodrum, has been a place that can not be shared and is always struggled for.

Bodrum is a famous place with its shipyards, yachts spreading in the world of fame, narrow streets descending to the sea, white houses lined up on the shores of two harbors and the castle rising on the peninsula, which is the center of the merging of eastern and western harbors.

Today, Bodrum is an important tourism center where all the elements expected from a holiday region can be gathered in summer and winter. From rich yachts from all over the world to a group of income that can spend a long summer vacation in a pantry with limited budget, it has the equipment to meet the expectations of all segments.

Bodrum is one of the highest holiday spots in Turkey. The number of foreign and domestic tourists who visit here in summer increases with the number of local tourists. But Bodrum is not only a place to visit in summer. Especially in spring, Bodrum is a place that many people would prefer. In September there is a hot and cold chill on the couch called "zefiriye" in the cool breeze of the wind.

It would not be wrong to say that Bodrum is so famous because it is addressing every subject! You can stay in luxury hotels, sunbath on your mattresses, admire your admiration in the sea, you can discover the most unknown of the underwater world, you can discover the most unknown of the underwater world, you can make long walks between shopping and night funs or palms, You can find peace in it, while you watch the sunset of the sun, you can wrap your life once more tightly.